“How to change the world ? By one Act of Random Kindness at a time” God, in the movie “Evan Almighty”.

“If you have assimilated
truthfulness, humility and consider all
women as your own mother, and if still
you do not realise God, I being a servant
of God, stand your surety.” Tulsi Sahib


The salt of life is selfless service;
The water of life is universal love;
The sweetness of life is loving devotion;
The fragrance of life is generosity;
The pivot of life is meditation;
The goal of life is self-realization.

Love God and all creation. Serve all. Give, Give and Give all
through life. Purify your minds, meditate and realize God. This is
all the Scriptures say in a nutshell.

Kirpal Singh
September 28, 1962

Looking with a loving heart at our dear brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom, I can’t help but be bewildered by their incredible beauty.
Each in its own right is a “piece” of exquisite art, that no man has ever, nor will ever, come close to recreate.
I am so terribly sad that many of us are not considering them as such, lovely and loving creatures, that are all but food for us.
They were never meant to be food for humans, how it came to be is a mystery.

It is said that humans are the roof and crown of creation.
We are supposed to take good and special care of all of our brothers and sisters who are in the process of growing up.
We are supposed to take care of all around us, to be wise, kind, and compassionate beings.
Yet what we do to our “subjects” is inimaginable.
Noble kings do not torture and eat their subjects. That is unheard of.
Yet we do that without thinking twice, to our dear brothers and sisters in the animal kingdom.

So sad…

So easy to change though…

Being vegan does not limit our possibilities as many probably think.
On the contrary, not only are there so many most delicious vegan food.
But our hearts becomes more noble and loving, even towards humans.

It is not an act of weakness to be vegan, it is an act of courageousness, nobility, clear thinking.
It is said that all human beings are born equal.
It should be modified to: All living beings are born equal.


  • Forks Over Knives A fabulous film about the benefits of a plant-based diet, how it prevents many serious health issues, and even reverse them in some cases.
  • Cowspiracy Another fabulous film, that is quite powerful. It follows a person who tries to understand why the major environmental organizations are not, or barely do work on the main reason for most of the planet’s major issues, and that is animals agriculture for humans consumption. We see him grow throughout the documentary, it is fascinating and very well done. With actual interviews of many people from different organizations.
  • The 30-Day Vegan Challenge by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. A fantastic challenge that is definitely a life-changer, should one decide to try it out. The informations provided are very beneficial, not only for those starting out, but even for long-term vegans as well. Highly recommended.
  • The 22-Day Revolution by Marco Borges. Same kind of challenge.
  • The One Ingredient Transformation Course by Andrew Olson. A complete vegan / plant-based training.

Lately I have been very much interested in vegan cuisine, smoothies, breads, desserts, so many great recipes. Here are a few great sites:

There are many others of course, so much information available nowadays about it…

I learned recently why honey is definitely not ok, I find it really sad. It may seem ok and a “small” thing, but it isn’t, it’s huge (for one thing, the queen has her wings clipped! That’s terrible!). There is an incredibly good alternative to honey, thanks to Mary, please read the following article.