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26 September, 00:14

The results are now published here.

26 September, 00:00

GONG! End of the tournament! Thank you to all the participants, for another successful tournament! As always, the level of creativity was extremely high, and some matrices are just mind-boggling. Congratulations to Ralf and Arno for winning the A1, and B1 plus number of records respectively! The results will be published in a few minutes.

25 September, 22:02

Two hours left!

25 September, 18:38

One more move to an A1/15/118! Quite an ascension!

25 September, 17:58

Well, now to an amazing A1/14/117!!! And still a few hours left :)

25 September, 13:55

Which he rapidly improves to A1/14/91!! Not much time left, although...

25 September, 12:20

Miodrag starts in the A1 category with an elegant A1/12/60!

24 September, 18:44

Well, I am lost for words... Ralf finds an absolutely brilliant and quite complex matrix (to avoid any eventual doubt, given the proximity, not at all based on Arno's entry) and goes to first place in category A1 with an A1/18/146!!! Still a day and a half left, and I still believe anything could happen :)

23 September, 23:42

Tomorrow is a special day for Arno as he celebrates the 22nd marriage anniversary with his wife, Sonja. We wish them both, and their family and friends all the best in the world! :) As such he decided to dedicate a special problem to his wife, that shows a particular motif embedded in it, which is just perfect for the occasion. This problem is one that is valid for this tournament, but nevertheless not in the first three of category A1. As the tournament ends after tomorrow, it is a little bit delicate decision to allow it to be published beforehand, but it is just the right thing for the occasion. An important note is that this problem bears absolutely no resemblance with Arno's best. It will be published tomorrow morning at Cornel's site, at: http://www.chessproblems.ca.

23 September, 07:04

Welcome to Miodrag Mladenovic! It is very nice to have an additional composer participating. He finds Guy's and Arno's A2/4/17!

22 September, 20:07

Arno improves an A2 entry with an A2/10/114!!

21 September, 20:23

As we approach the end of the tournament, Ján & Ivan are sure to give Arno a thrill, finding an A1/17/129, and also being now just one move away in category B1 with a B1/21/82!!

17 September, 11:17

Arno improves an A2 entry with a beautiful A2/6/40!

16 September, 19:47

Ján & Ivan found a second B2/10/37!

15 September, 20:13

And still more, finding a beautiful idea to reach the 140 with an incredible A1/16/143!

15 September, 08:58

Arno responds by also improving with an A1/16/138!

14 September, 20:03

Ján & Ivan have improved significantly, and are getting very close to Arno with another amazing entry, an A1/17/128!! The last two weeks promise to be quite tense...

13 September, 09:07

They improve even more with an A1/17/115!

12 September, 10:37

Ján & Ivan improve with an A1/18/114!

10 September, 19:18

And now almost 140 with another great entry, an A1/18/138!

07 September, 19:39

Arno improves even more with an A1/17/134!

06 September, 22:49

Ján & Ivan continue to improve in both the A1 and B1 categories, with an A1/19/114 and a B1/21/81! Getting very close to Arno with the last one! And Arno also improve with an A1/13/132!

05 September, 15:00

Ján & Ivan rapidly improve with an impressive A1/18/111!!

05 September, 13:33

Arno also finds a B2/10/37, and has thus now a full house in category B2!

05 September, 11:37

Well, five composers have now passed the 100 marks in the A1 category, which is quite extraordinary! Indeed Ján & Ivan improved significantly with A1/17/105!! Arno found another elegant entry with a B2/9/36!

04 September, 21:09

Arno improves an entry with an elegant B2/8/29!

04 September, 16:11

They also get very close to 100 with a beautiful A1/17/97!

04 September, 11:55

Ján & Ivan found a third very nice B2/7/20!

03 September, 20:13

He also improves in category A2 with another beautiful entry, a head spinning A2/10/108!

02 September, 21:14

Arno improves with a B1/20/83 and takes the lead again!

01 September, 09:12

Ralf improves an entry in category B2 with a very nice B2/9/28!

31 August, 20:00

Ján & Ivan take the lead in category B1 with a beautiful B1/16/80!! Arno also improve with one less piece finding an A1/13/131!

30 August, 20:01

On the way to 140... Arno improves with an A1/14/131!!

30 August, 08:05

Arno also found an amazing B1 entry, and improves with a B1/19/80!! Still a very long time till the end, thus I really believe anything is still possible, and the last month should prove very interesting!

28 August, 14:37

Just three days ago I said that the A2 and B2 are most probably very hard to improve upon. Well, three days later, at least for the A2, just one is left!! Indeed Ralf found two very elegant entries: an A2/5/27 and an A2/6/37! I better not say anything from now on... not that they were easy to improve upon of course, all the contrary, but nevertheless the participants succeeded with high distinction!

28 August, 11:10

And it is not over... Arno finds two amazing entries: an A1/14/128 and an A2/10/106!!! Ján & Ivan also improve with a great B1/20/64!! Just one move from Arno! The results up to now clearly show there are almost inexhaustible possibilities for matrices creations. What will come next is a mystery that only time will unravel :)

27 August, 20:19

Hum... I couldn't believe my eyes when seeing this, and maybe you would have a hard time believing that. Arno found another incredible series of matrices: an A2/7/56, A2/8/86, and an A2/9/100!!! Yes yes, that is really true, no joke...

27 August, 09:13

Ralf finds Arno's elegant B2/8/25! A small difference nonetheless, but not significant enough.

25 August, 21:39

Surprises never cease lately... Cornel found a truly unbelievable A1/13/104!!! Just perfect, what more can I say. And it is not over, as Ralf is the third going over 100 with another beautiful entry, an A1/19/103!! It is now just about half-time for the tournament, and still an entire month! I dare not guess what will come, maybe, probably over 110, 120, or more?! I would really not be that surprised now... The A2 and B2's, at least many of them, are most probably very hard to improve upon. Although there also I would guess it is far from over.

25 August, 07:36

Cornel improves even more with an A1/17/100!

24 August, 22:40

Not to mention the second composer to reach 100... indeed Cornel improves with an A1/18/100!!

24 August, 20:48

And the great surprises continue... Arno finding another series of incredible entries, more than 70 moves with just 8 pieces!! He finds two B2 entries, one being Ralf's, a B2/6/16, and a B2/7/20; and two unbelievable A2s: an A2/7/53 and an A2/8/72! Beautiful work of art, as they say in french: du travail d'orfèvre...

24 August, 09:12

And now just one move from 100 with an incredible A1/15/99!!

23 August, 21:18

Well... Cornel finds a splendid A1/15/92 and moves to third place! A beautiful entry, very inspired. Ralf finds Arno's B2/10/34 and thus enters the records table!

22 August, 21:11

Relatively calm week-end... Cornel finds a very nice B2/9/26!

21 August, 12:46

And Ralf found a beautiful A2/10/77!!

20 August, 19:55

Arno finds Ján & Ivan's A2/7/44, and also a new elegant B2/5/9!

20 August, 08:47

Cornel improves significantly an entry with an A2/8/59!

19 August, 19:12

Ján & Ivan improve with two pieces less, finding a B1/19/62! Arno proves that it is far from over in the A2 category with an elegant A2/10/76!

19 August, 08:57

And Ján & Ivan are following very closely with a great B1/21/62!!

18 August, 20:20

Arno finds a B1/17/65, while Ján & Ivan a B1/18/55!! It is very tough to find 50+ entries in the B1 category, everything must be watched for to avoid giving a "free" move, thus both of these are already great achievements. Arno also finds a nice B2/10/34 and thus re-enters the records table! And last but not least, Ralf takes away three previous entries with an elegant B2/5/9! A nice puzzle. This tournament's very low dimensions sure prove to be hard nuts to crack.

18 August, 07:19

Ján & Ivan found a beautiful B1/18/54 and are getting very close to Arno! They also found a third B2/5/8. (PS: noticed the early hour?! no need for aero shoes today, hehehe...)

17 August, 19:20

And after just about three weeks, the 100 barrier is finally broken!!! Arno finds a spectacular A1/18/104, and thus sets the bar extremely high! No doubt there is still a lot to be discovered, and most probably more, if not eventually much more is possible, thus still a lot to expect. Ralf finds a very elegant B2/6/16!

16 August, 19:43

Ján & Ivan found a second B2/5/8!

16 August, 18:59

Ralf improves an entry in the B2 category with a very elegant B2/7/20!

16 August, 09:07

Which he improves with a beautiful B2/8/25! Cornel starts the B2 category with an elegant and puzzle like B2/5/8!

15 August, 16:15

Arno finds an elegant B2/8/21!

15 August, 12:09

... And while we're at it, an [A1,A2]/10/75!!

14 August, 22:22

... And an incredible A2/6/36!! Great matrix, where all works just perfectly.

14 August, 21:48

Cornel finds a second A2/7/44!

14 August, 13:00

Arno also takes the lead in category B1 with another brilliant matrix, a B1/18/62!!

13 August, 18:30

And he even managed to improve it, with an A2/8/53!

13 August, 08:00

Cornel finds a brilliant A2/8/50!! The low dimensions matrices turn out to be very interesting, several quite different setups.

12 August, 19:31

Arno continues to impress with a very elegant A1/16/95 and takes the lead in category A1!! Ján & Ivan found Arno's A2/9/64, and also improve with A2/7/44!

11 August, 21:25

Good evening! Many news today, Arno is catching up with Ralf, with yet another incredible 90+ matrix, an A1/18/92!! Again, a complex position which is quite astounding. He also finds an A2/9/64, and Ján & Ivan's A2/10/72! The two are actually minutely different, but nothing significant. Ján & Ivan also start exploring the B2 category with three elegant entries: a B2/8/18, B2/9/20 and B2/10/24!

11 August, 09:14

Cornel storms through in the B1 category with a great B1/14/47!! Soon 50?! Ján & Ivan find Juraj's elegant A2/6/30!

10 August, 20:14

Well, Ralf is indeed the third to reach 80, but more than that, the first to reach 90 with A1/16/93! And with another splendid entry, that really looks like an art painting. I thought 80 and 90 are probably possible, but to reach them so fast is quite an achievement. It looks more and more probable that 100 is possible, and even quite more might be. Cornel also starts the B1 category with a very nice B1/18/30! Ján & Ivan continue to improve in the low dimensions with an elegant A2/7/42!

10 August, 09:10

Good morning! Ralf aims high with a very nice A1/17/78, maybe soon the third to reach 80! Cornel begins the B2 category with a nice B2/9/16.

9 August, 23:11

And to nicely bring this productive day to an end, Cornel improves with an A1/15/75!

9 August, 20:35

One news after the other... Ján & Ivan found a marvelous A1/15/89!!! A remarkable problem, quite complex with an original idea. Actually they sent it a few days ago, but there was an email delivery problem! And now just one move from the next barrier, so probably soon the next goal will be 100!

9 August, 20:03

And after the calm came the storm... an incredible series: Arno passes the 80 barrier with A1/17/82, Cornel improves with an A1/14/74, and Ján & Ivan with A2/8/49, A2/9/52 and A[1,2]/10/72!!! Next goal: 90 :)

9 August, 09:10

Wow... great morning surprise... Cornel finds an incredible A1/11/72!!! It shows there is of course still a lot to be discovered; the 80 marks should not resist for long...

8 August, 19:29

Arno finds Guy's subtle A2/4/17!

8 August, 11:39

Very calm those last few days... It has been just two weeks now since the start of the tournament, and many beautiful matrices have already been composed. Still more than three-quarters of the tournament to go, and I am really curious what will happen now! Probably a lot more surprises still in store.

6 August, 09:11

Well, things start to heat up seriously! Ján & Ivan improve significantly with a really beautiful A1/14/71!! Arno also improve, with an A1/14/75, comforting his lead. Getting very close to the 80 marks, which is almost certainly possible. I would think 90 most probably also, and maybe even 100 and more; but how, I leave that to the participants to find out (I have no clue) :) Now I am flying to work, as usually, utterly late. 'Will have to reach my seat on the tip of my toes...

5 August, 19:12

Arno finds another elegant entry in the B2 category, a B2/6/14!

4 August, 09:06

And we have our first perfect tie, as Ralf found Arno's A2/8/48!!

3 August, 20:41

Ján & Ivan find a beautiful A2/7/41!!

3 August, 19:16

Arno continues to impress with an elegant B2/7/15!

2 August, 20:06

Lost for words... I am. Arno just sent a series of quite unbelievable entries, of great elegancy: an A2/8/48, A2/9/49, A2/10/61 and... A1/12/73!!! Now for the first time, the entire A2 table is full. And I believe each one of those is quite a challenge. Ralf also sent a very nice A1/13/48!

2 August, 08:59

Juraj improves significantly with a brilliant [A1,A2]/10/47!!

1 August, 19:45

Guy takes the lead with a very nice A1/17/42!

31 July, 20:18

Welcome to Arno Tüngler! He starts with two nice puzzles like entries, a B2/4/6 and a B2/5/7! Please note I decreased the necessary number of records needed to enter the records table.

30 July, 22:25

And to end the evening in style... an [A1,A2]/10/40!!

30 July, 22:02

Juraj also finds a beautiful A2/9/39!

30 July, 20:00

Which he rapidly improves with an A2/6/30 and A2/7/32!!

30 July, 18:42

Welcome to Juraj Lörinc! And he starts with a fantastic A2/7/29 and an A2/8/31! Another great idea.

29 July, 20:59

And we have our first main entry, a brilliant B1/15/35 by Ralf!! Beautiful idea.

29 July, 11:00

Cornel starts category B2 with a nice puzzle like B2/5/4, and also finds an A2/6/25.

28 July, 23:10

A small warning when testing for the B category. The latest version of Popeye might give it as correct, but actually apparently it doesn't check for all solutions. We had something like this in the previous tournament if I remember well. For example checking with "exact-" before the stipulation for the number of moves given might give solutions, that wouldn't be there otherwise.

28 July, 08:38

And Guy fights back immediately with an A2/4/17!! The battle for the A2/4 is raging :) Could 20 eventually be achieved there?! I wouldn't be that surprised.

27 July, 19:08

Cornel takes the lead again with an A2/4/14!

27 July, 16:13

As a technical comment, if you use Internet Explorer 8, this page does not show off very well. You have to go to compatibility mode by clicking on the "broken" button, next to the refresh one.

27 July, 15:48

Things start to heat up, first a warm welcome to Ralf Krätschmer who starts very strongly with a beautiful A2/10/36; and Guy probably found it too crowded there, so he came up with an elegant A2/4/13!! Now that's a puzzle...

27 July, 09:01

Cornel finds another different A2/4/11, and is the first to pass the 20 marks with a beautiful A2/5/24! The entries so far are very encouraging for the future, many elegant ideas shown.

26 July, 23:02

Guy improves also, with a different A2/4/11, and we have our first tie of the tournament!

26 July, 22:54

Welcome to Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba! They also start very nicely with an A2/4/11!

26 July, 19:33

Welcome to Guy Sobrecases! He starts strongly with an elegant A2/4/10!

26 July, 19:16

A note, the rule: "For Black only, one cannot replace any marine piece with their counterpart, and have the exact same solution" means that if just one move is not the same, it is accepted! This removes any eventual problems that "very similar" might bring.

26 July, 11:01

And we have our first entry! Welcome to Cornel Pacurar, who breaks the ice with a pretty A2/4/7!

26 July, 00:00

Start of the tournament, good luck to all!

25 July, 14:09

"!Dlrow olleh"



Number of records entries in categories A2, B2 (minimum 5)


Number of records

Arno Tüngler


Category A1 (minimum 40 moves)



Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Ralf Krätschmer



24 September 2010, 18:43

Arno Tüngler



15 September 2010, 09:26

Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba



21 September 2010, 10:55

Miodrag Mladenovic



25 September 2010, 18:10

Cornel Pacurar



25 August 2010, 19:28

Juraj Lörinc



02 August 2010, 00:18

Guy Sobrecases



01 August 2010, 17:53

Category B1
(minimum 30 moves)


Number of moves

Number of pieces

Date of sending

Arno Tüngler



02 September 2010, 21:16

Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba



21 September 2010, 20:22

 Cornel Pacurar



11 August 2010, 03:36

Ralf Krätschmer 



29 July 2010, 19:43





Category A2

Number of pieces in total in the initial position


Number of moves


Guy Sobrecases, Arno Tüngler, Miodrag Mladenovic



Ralf Krätschmer



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler


Category B2

Number of pieces in total in the initial position


Number of moves


Arno Tüngler



Ralf Krätschmer

Arno Tüngler



Ralf Krätschmer, Arno Tüngler



Ralf Krätschmer

Arno Tüngler

Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler



Arno Tüngler

Ján Golha & Ivan Skoba